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Cape Gooseberry - Dwarf - 15 Heirloom Seeds 

A dwarf version of the standard Cape Gooseberry growing up to 90cm in height. Produces a tasty small round berry, yellow-orange in colour. 

Delicious raw, also as part of a mixed fruit salad or cooked for flans and tarts. Ripe fruits will store in their husks for several weeks if kept cool and dry. 

This is a vigorous, spreading plant bearing golden-orange fruit that conveniently grow inside, easy to peel, paper-like husks. These are delicious and they are great when dipped into melted chocolate. 

This plant is related to the Tomato and grows in the same places and in the same manner. The fruit are encased in a husk which disintegrates as it ripens. The marble sized fruit are lovely when eaten straight from the vine but also make great pies or can be used for jams etc. It is a native of South America.

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