Caper Bush seeds


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CAPER BUSH - 8 Seeds

(Capparis spinosa)

Revelling in scorching dry heat, this gourmet delight will start to produce the flower buds (which can be pickled or dry salted) in their second year. Produces up to 8 kilos of buds when mature. 

Caper shrubs are unusual and attractive ornamentals that flower their second or third year and live for decades, steadily producing more buds and berries. These plants thrive in hot, dry environments and prefer full sun. Extremely drought tolerant and developed blooms are beautiful to butterflies. 

Propagation notes will be supplied with a seed packet.


Customer Reviews

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Margaret Swilks
Caper Bush

Excited to try our hand at growing our own capers and having a delightful new bush in the garden.
Happy Valley seeds were very prompt in delivery of our order , highly recommend this company.

graeme Walsh
cold seeds

My Caper bush seeds are still in the Frig. I an looking forward to caring for them in a few days. thankyou for your directions What a challenge Graeme

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