CARROT - Nantes Darcy seeds

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CARROT Nantes Darcy (Coreless)

(Heirloom seeds)

Selection from the standard packet (200 Seeds), 25g

This delicious carrot shrugs aside heavy soil and forms beautiful 15-20cm long, fine-grained roots that are bright orange throughout and as coreless as the name suggests. Nantes Coreless carrot seeds develop cylindrical and sweet roots, with relatively small tops. 

They have excellent flavour and are very tender. Sow these lovely carrots in raised beds or in deeply cultivated garden soil and be sure to thin the seedlings to 4-10cm apart in the row so that each has room to develop on its own. In the home garden, sow short rows of carrot seeds at two to three-week intervals and enjoy a much longer harvest window. 

Growing Info

This is a cool-season annual.  Sow carrots any time of the year, except the very hot periods of the year and also frosty periods. Sow either spring or autumn, in very mild areas all year round is possible. A sunny position is required. It germinates best at 8-28 ‎°C soil temperature. To improve germination, prevent seed rows from drying out by covering with cardboard; remove as soon as seeds germinate. Harvest in 65-90 days.


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