CAULIFLOWER - Mini White F1 seeds


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Cauliflower Mini White F1 - 15 Seeds (Hybrid)

Important - Please read before buying: We are selling ONLY 15 Cauliflower Mini White F1 seeds per packet for the listed price. These are specialty hybrid seeds, which is rare and a lot expensive than open-pollinated seeds. Being a hybrid strain it is not suitable for seed saving.  

Cauliflower Mini White is a compact variety with 10-15cm heads on short plants. It is perfect for container gardening and can be harvested in just 12 weeks. 

This variety is ideally suited to warmer regions. 

Happy Valley Seeds’ container garden varieties are specially selected to grow in containers or compact garden spaces. Abundant crops of tasty, nutritious vegetables can be harvested from your patio, balcony or courtyard. They prefer well-drained soil with near neutral pH and a sunny spot. Keep well-watered. 

Propagation notes will be supplied with a seed packet.


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Jacqui Simmons

They grew quite quickly but the leaves have been eaten by some insect

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