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Chicken Forage Mix - Grow your own!

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Growing your own forage for your chickens is a cheap, easy, and highly nutritious way to feed your chickens. Chicken feed can be expensive to provide throughout the year. Growing your own from spring to autumn provides high levels of nutrients that will make chicken eggs taste even better. This chicken forage blend is a mix of well-balanced green plants that chickens love to eat. 

This mix includes sub clover, bok choy, buckwheat, silverbeet forage chicory, clover, cocksfoot, linseed, lucerne, millet, forage plantain, barrel medic and sunflower. Most of these plants have vigorous root systems that will enable rapid regrowth of green leaves that, obviously, chocks will love to eat. 

The good thing about this blend is that it’s a mix of both annual and perennial plants, many of which will readily self-sow year after year.


Customer Reviews

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Ashleigh West
Chooks love it

Absolutely in love with the chicken foraging mix and so are our chickens! They where supper curious about them but now they have grown tall enough the chickens get to enjoy them. Will be definitely be buying more seeds in the future

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