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Chicory Trevisio Red (Radicchio) - 170 Heirloom Seeds

(Cichorium intybus) 

Rossa trevigiana.  A spectacular long slender-leaved variety that is green in the summer but with the onset of cool weather turns a beautiful red with white veins. From Treviso in Italy where a local poet described it as "un fiore che si mangia" - a flower to eat! This variety is non-heading and the leaves are tender yet crisp. Ideal for a tasty salad. 

Propagation notes will be supplied with a seed packet.


Customer Reviews

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Beeke Smith
Chicory Witloff

Amazing customer service!
A review of Witloff chicory follows: I planted the seeds, and the leaves of the plants are dark green and not at all tight as shown in the picture. While growing up in Germany I absolutely loved the pale coloured chicory (picture below). Perhaps as the plants get bigger they will get more tight. In order to achieve a lighter colour I may have to blanch the plants.

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