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Chilli Fire & Ice - 10 Seeds 

The Fire & Ice chilli is a gorgeous plant that is sure to steal the show of your garden! The plant will grow long, upright chillies that will ripen from yellow, orange, and red. The slender chillies will stand straight up in the air, almost reminiscent of flames. This chilli plant is an ornamental that grows 6-8cm long edible chillies, and for sure, you will never get bored watching it bloom. 

Don’t go by their look! They are much hotter than they taste - they have a little kick that slightly burns the tongue, so be careful when you take a bite! With their beautiful array of colours, the Fire & Ice is fantastic to decorate your balcony, patio, and garden! Get your hands on these exciting chilli seeds today! 

The seed propagation instruction is available on the seed packet. 

More tips about growing chilli are available here


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Nicole Power
Great seeds.

I planted my seeds approximately 7 days ago and they have sprouted, I'm hoping they grow to full luscious plants!

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