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 Chilli Habanero White - 10 seeds

This white habanero fruit starts green and ripens to a light-yellow/creamy-white colour. The fruits are smaller than other varieties (about 2cm long), growing on bushes about 40cm high. Harvest: When fruits ripen to 'white' - about 110 days after potting-on.

The creamy white hue and small shape of the Peruvian white habanero (a.k.a. white habanero or Peruvian white lightning habanero) may make you think the chilli’s heat is lesser than its orange cousins. But the white habanero packs an equal – if not more potent punch – to the common habanero with a similar fruity, slightly smoky flavour. The Peruvian is a looker, too, making it an extra hot chilli that works perfectly as an ornamental pepper plant as well.

Chilli Habanero White Scoville heat units (SHU): 100,000 to 350,000

The jalapeno reference point (SHU): 5,000


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