CHRYSANTHEMUM - Rainbow Single Mixed seeds

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Chrysanthemum Rainbow Single Mixed - 50 Seeds

(Chrysanthemum Carinatum) 

Chrysanthemum Carinatum Rainbow Mix (Daisy Painted) is an annual native to North Africa. Painted Daisy Rainbow Mix seeds are straightforward to germinate, and the seeds can be started indoors before the last frost. 

This particular Painted Daisy features attractive green foliage with deeply laciniate leaves and produces masses of vibrant, single, daisy-like flowers in an amusing range of purple, apricot, red, orange, rose, salmon, yellow and white shades. 

Chrysanthemum Carinatum blooms all summer profusely long, providing a dazzling, multi-coloured display with all summer long, and its extremely showy flowers attract butterflies, bees and other pollinators. 

Daisy Painted Rainbow Mix is an outstanding choice for mass planting and mixed borders. Painted Daisy is a longtime favourite annual plant for cottage and cutting gardens. Painted Daisy is one of the best cut flowers for fresh or dried floral arrangements. 

Sowing Instructions 

Sow in Spring, Summer & Autumn in Temperate climate, Spring & Autumn in Cool climate, Summer & Autumn in Tropical climate zone. Sow 1-2mm deep, barely cover. Germination in 2-3weeks at 18-21°C. Space 30cm apart, Height 60cm.


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CHRYSANTHEMUM - Rainbow Single Mixed seeds

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