CORNFLOWER - White Ball (Centaurea) seeds

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Cornflower White Ball (Centaurea) – 80 Seeds

(Centaurea Cyanus) 

This is a very fine, old, tall Cornflower variety. The flowers are marvellous for cutting, producing good double, uniform blooms in white. Centaurea flowers also dry particularly well. Tear fresh flower petals for use in salads, teas, or fancy drinks. It is drought tolerant once established, so good for xeriscaping. 

Sowing Instructions 

Sow on in Spring-Autumn-Early Winter in a seed tray or direct at 3-5 mm deep. Water carefully with a fine mist, Germination 1-3weeks at 18-20°C. Space 20cm apart, Flowers in 70 days, 80cm height. Hardy Annual.

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