CORNFLOWER - Blue Boy (Centaurea) seeds

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Cornflower Blue Boy (Centaurea) – 80 Seeds

(Centaurea Cyanus)


This is a double flowered version of the wild cornflower, growing into multiple stems that flower straight through until frost. They look great peppered through a border and are excellent cut flowers.


Cornflowers look their best in large groups, and flower for months on end if the spent flowers are removed regularly. The familiar blue cornflower together with the white daisy and the red poppy form that recognisable picture from grandmother's days.


Sowing Instructions


Sow on in Spring-Autumn-Early Winter in seed

tray or direct at 3-5 mm deep. Water carefully with a fine mist, Germination 1-3wks at 18-20°C. Space 20cm apart, Flowers in70 days, 80cm height. Hardy Annual.

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