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Cress American Upland – 200 Seeds

(Lepidium sativum)

Cress American Upland or ‘Land Cress’ forms a beautiful rosette of dark green leaves and has been cultivated as a leaf vegetable since the 17th century. The taste is similar to garden cress, and it grows to a height of 30 - 60cm. 

Rich in vitamins, iron and calcium, it can be eaten raw in salads or sandwiches or cooked as greens. It is very tolerant of cold weather and can be grown almost all year round, with leaf production at its peak during the summer and autumn months. 

In ideal conditions, it can be harvested approx. 7-8 weeks from sowing by taking the outer leaves as desired with scissors. 

Great in any garden, it's suited for growing in pots or containers if space is limited, and the more it is cut for use, the more it will regrow.  

Propagation notes will be supplied with a seed packet


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