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CUCUMBER ‘Redlands Long White’ – 15 HEIRLOOM Seeds

This Australian bred variety is quite difficult to find nowadays. It has good partial resistance to powdery mildew, matures in 8 - 9 weeks and has blocky ends.


Redlands Long White has a great, 'old fashioned' cucumber taste not commonly found in many cucumbers. The fruit grow to 18cm in length and around 6 cm in diameter. They are creamy white in color and store well.


It is a warm season vegetable but is adaptable to all climate zones. In warmer areas, sow from July to March. In temperate areas, the best months for sowing are Sept. to Jan. and in cold climates they are best sown in Oct. to Dec.. Sow seeds direct into well prepared beds with added compost. Soil must be 20 Degrees or more for best germination results. Press 2-3 seeds into a 2-3 cm deep hole and thin later to 2 seedlings. Space plants about 90cm apart. They can be grown on thick mulch or on a small trellis for protection from soil borne disease, insect attack and ease of harvesting. Ensure good soil moisture levels and for best results add compost to en

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