CULANTRO Mexican Coriander seeds

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CULANTRO Mexican Coriander - 50 Seeds

(Eryngium foetidum)

Culantro, a herb native to Mexico, Central, and South America, has a strong, aromatic scent that fills the air when you brush up against it. This easy-to-grow herb has many culinary uses in the Caribbean, Latin American, and Asian cuisine. 

Although used in small amounts, its very strong flavour is used as a seasoning in a wide range of foods, including meats, vegetables, and chutneys.

It goes by many names: long coriander, false coriander, recao (Spanish), langer koriander (German), ngo gai (Vietnamese), pak chi farang (Thai), and bhandhanya (Hindi).

While culantro and cilantro look different, the leaf aromas are similar, although culantro is stronger. The flavour of leaf coriander, also known as spring coriander. Tasty thick leaves can be sliced and stand some cooking. Best as a replacement for true coriander in areas where heat and humidity are a problem. Also dries well and retains flavour and colour. 

Sowing Instructions

Sow spring (after frost) and summer, slow to germinate. Need 21 to 28 degrees C to germinate. It is shade loving plant to 10-20cm. 

Grown as an annual, it is actually biennial in areas warm enough to let it overwinter. Like its close relative cilantro, the plant tends to stretch tall and go to seed in the lengthening days of spring. 

A propagation note will be supplied with each seed packet.


Customer Reviews

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Pamela Powell
This herb is new to me and I am happy to have it in my garden.

Im a happy customer.

Lesley Knight

Excellent service & just what I ordered. A great company to buy from. :-)

Khanh Mai
Good service

Fast delivery very happy can’t wait to sow

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