DAHLIA - Unwins Bedding Mix seeds

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Dahlia Unwins Bedding Mix – 12+ Seeds

(Dahlia pinnata)

This Unwin Bedding mix, easily establishes from Dahlia flower seeds and produces gorgeous shades of bronze, salmon, apricot, orange, scarlet, crimson, yellow and lavender. The flowers add a lovely spot of color in the summer garden. They are very heat resistant and are excellent for bedding plants and make lovely, long lasting cut flowers. The Unwin variety produces a compact, smaller plant and require no staking. Petals surround a small golden yellow center disc.


Sowing Instructions

Sow in Spring to Early Summer in Temperate, Sp-Early Summer in Cool, Winter-Spring in Tropical climate zone.

Sow 10mm deep. Germination in 2-3 weeks. Space

30cm, Height 20-30cm, Flower in 115days


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