Dandelion seeds

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DANDELION – 75 Seeds

(Taraxacum officinale) 

DANDELION is a cultivated strain with tender freshly dark green leaves. It is used as a green vegetable for boiling or in a salad. Its roots can be used for forcing or as a substitute for coffee by roasting in an oven until crisp and then grinding. Also, flowers are used for winemaking. This plant grows to a height of 10 - 30cm. 

Historically, dandelion has been used for many centuries to treat infections, liver and kidney ailments. Dandelion root is used for kidney stones and is said to help break up the stones enabling them to be passed.

Fresh or dried dandelion leaves can be used as a mild appetite stimulant and to assist in stomach complaints. The roots of the dandelion plant may also act as a mild laxative, assist digestion, stimulate appetite and reduce the effects of heartburn.

Propagation notes will be supplied with a seed packet.


Customer Reviews

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Kylie Chambers
Dandelion seeds

Great seeds ✌️

Julie Christian
Dandelion seeds

I received the package quickly via mail delivery which is my preferred way of purchasing seeds. So convenient looking through your website then ordering.
I love your service so I have no complaints. The instructions are well set out and I will be keeping you up to date with how they go but for the moment they are still
safely tucked away ready for the next step which will be planting them. Thank you for your great service.

Eloisa Makris
Great quality

These seeds are fantastic and flourishing already. Quick delivery and easy packaging.

Elizabeth Roffey
Great seeds

Very fast delivery

Beccie Richardson

My order arrived earlier than expected. Very professional. Thanks

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