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EGGPLANT Kaberi F1 - 10 Seeds

This is an F1 variety and as such not suitable for seed saving. 

Eggplant 'Kaberi F1' is a small-fruited, compact bush variety of eggplant. It is a unique variety bred specifically for container production and a worthy successor to Baby Belle. Its compact habit makes it a perfect choice for mixed flower and vegetable planters.

Traditional eggplants can be tall and require staking and are difficult to handle at times as they are thorny. 'F1 Kaberi' stays compact, does not require staking and is thornless unless stressed, making it much easier to handle and harvest. 

These smaller fruited varieties are easily grown in containers. Make sure your container is large enough and keep it well-watered. In cooler climates, growing eggplants in containers is a good option as they can be moved to a protected spot whenever a cold spell threatens. 

'Kaberi F1' forms an abundance of dark purple-black, small-sized, oval-round fruits of excellent quality and texture. Typically 50 to 60 grams in weight they are at their best when harvested when the fruits are small, just slightly bigger than an egg.


Begin seeds indoors 8 to 10 weeks before planning to set out. Eggplant loves heat, so the seeds germinate best at about 24 degrees C - use a heat mat if possible, beneath or seed flat, or find another source of bottom heat if your house is cooler than this. Cover the seeds lightly if sowing in a seed flat; They will germinate in about 1 to 2 weeks. 

The seedlings crave heat and light; give them all you can (grow lights are wonderful, but kitchen fluorescents work well too if the seedlings are placed directly beneath them) and feed them weekly. They are ready to transplant whenever they have at least 2 sets of true leaves but wait until the outside weather is thoroughly warm before transplanting into a garden or patio container. 

Turkish Orange is a heavy bearer, so you might want to stake the plant to hold up the big bounty of fruit.


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