EGGPLANT - Thai Purple Ball seeds

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EGGPLANT Thai Purple Ball - 15 Seeds 

A lovely little eggplant, the plants are very productive, setting fruits 40-50 days after transplanting, very easy to grow & up to 5cm in diameter. The round fruit is deep shiny purple. Very popular in the cuisines of India, Thailand, and Vietnam. Cooked, they are delicious in curries & stews. Distinctly different from Italian eggplant types & other tender sweet Asian types. 

Plant eggplant seed 2.5cm apart in pots or seed trays and cover with fine soil, well pressed down When the plants are 5 to 7.5cm tall, transplant in rows 60 – 90cm apart, spacing plants 60cm apart in the row. Cut the ripe eggplant instead of pulling from the plant to avoid plant injury. Keep moist and not wet. Fertilise every 2-4 weeks.


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