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EGGPLANT Tsakoniki - 15 Seeds (Greek) 

EGGPLANT ‘Tsakoniki’ is an early variety eggplant. From the mass of shoots to technical maturity - 70-75 days. The plant is a vigorous grower and reaches a height up to 64-67 cm.  It generates cylindrical fruits striped colour. The length of the fruit is 22-24 cm.  The pulp is creamy white, dense, without bitterness. This is ideal for freezing, canning, and fresh consumption.


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Cathy McGee
Eggplant-Tsakoniki Seeds

I couldn't get them to sprout !! I had them in my incubator and I didn't get them up I did get the red capos the shallots though

Bill Koulis
Starts like a tortoise, finishes like a hare.

This is one of those eggplant varieties that take 4 weeks to pop their heads out, but then just explode. I gave up on them coming out after all 5 other varieties germinated, but then slowly they started popping out 4-6 weeks after I planted the seeds.
Now in late Nov, they're the biggest of all varieties.

As far as taste, all the older Mediterranean neighbours reckon they're amongst the best tasting eggplants. I'll hopefully find out soon.

Ray Lee

tried to germinate them but not yet succeed so far. maybe we need more instructions how to grow.

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