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ENDIVE Green Curled Ruffec - 100 Seeds

Endive, Green Curled 'Ruffec’ is an ancient Italian variety that produces fine frilly leaves with pale, creamy centres. Succulent and delicious, as the plants grow, you can harvest the outer leaves leaving the centre to continue to grow. 

They are, like all the chicory-endive-escarole tribe, much cold-hardier than lettuces. Good for salad mix when small or left to grow to maturity. Eaten green, the leaves are a little bitter but blanched for a few days; they develop a milder taste. If you want the creamy white centre to develop and continually harvest leaves halfway through its growth, you may need to tie up some of the leaves, bringing them toward the centre to get the desired blanching effect. If you grow the plants closer together, at around 20cm (8in) apart, the plants tend to grow upright and self-blanch. 

This cut and come again type for winter does well in cold tunnel or frame.


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Michael Hodgson

I have not planted these seeds yet but I am certain they will be the same quality as the others I purchased and have planted.

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