Evening Primrose seeds

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Evening Primrose - 100 Seeds

(Oenothera speciose) 

Commonly known as Evening Primrose, in early summer the sweetly scented, bright yellow flowers open towards evening and are faintly phosphorescent. 

Officially introduced in 1614 into Europe, during the 17th century, the Evening Primrose herb was called the 'King's cure-all' by herbalists, it was considered a panacea for treating most ailments. Today, many modern herbalists use an extract in cough remedies and the seeds are used to produce evening primrose oil. Over the last 20 years, the oil has once again become popular for its medicinal properties and is now a common dietary supplement.

The whole plant is edible: the leaves can be cooked as greens, and the nutty-flavoured roots can be boiled and eaten like potatoes, parsnips, or salsify. The flowers make an especially lovely salad garnish. 

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