Fennel seeds


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Fennel Florence - 30 Seeds

(Foeniculum vulgare dulco) 

65 to 100 days to maturity — Fennel can be started indoors about six weeks prior to your last expected frost date or sown in succession, directly into the garden from early spring into July for a nearly year-round supply of fresh bulbs. Once the plants have developed an egg-sized bulb at their bases, hill soil up around them to keep them blanched as they grow, do not plant near dill, caraway or anise as they are in the same family and flavours can be affected. 

Also known as Finocchio or vegetable fennel, the plants have a sweet, celery-like flavour with a hint of black licorice. It can be baked, boiled in soups, and also used raw, finely sliced into garden salads. The young leaves and stalks can be harvested, as needed, for flavouring recipes. 

Although both anise and fennel possess a mild, black licorice flavour, they are not the same plant. 

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