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Forget Me Not, Chinese- Firmament Indigo Blue  – 50 Seeds (NOT to WA)

Grow a garden filled with Chinese Forget-Me-Not from freshly harvested Cynoglossum amabile flower seeds. Chinese Forget-Me-Not will produce indigo-blue flowers atop attractive green foliage, which grows to a mature height of 45 to 60cm tall. The blooms measure roughly 2cm in diameter. The difference between regular Forget-Me-Not and Chinese Forget-Me-Not can be seen from the centres of the flowers and the petal formation. These plants are known to attract all sorts of beneficial insects to the garden, such as bumblebees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and honeybees. 

Chinese Forget-Me-Not is established as an annual/biennial flowering plant. They grow quickly from fresh wildflower seeds, bloom profusely through the warm months of Summer and will later wilt with the cooler temperatures of Late Autumn and early Winter. The seeds can naturally drop to the bare ground beneath, allowing fresh, new plant life to regrow the following season. If your winter temperatures aren't too severe, the plants can also regrow themselves from deeply established roots. 

Chinese Forget-Me-Not plants are the perfect candidate for use as a cut flower due to their long slender stems. Enjoy their royal blue flowers in floral arrangements and bouquets, or dry them out for use in arts and crafts.


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Sharyn P
Good start - they grew

Its early days, but all the seeds planted have sprouted. I now watch them grow and hope they'll be super pretty, they're a gift plant

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