Gentian Yellow (Gentiana lutea) seeds

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Gentian Yellow (Gentiana lutea) – 8 Seeds

Herbaceous perennial native to the mountain meadows of central and southern Europe and Asia Minor.  

Rare - but now protected in its native habitat.  The flowers are rich yellow, the herbage is succulent, and the root is the premier official bitter, which is utilised for making various aperitifs and the famous Swedish Bitters.  

Traditional usage (TWM): Bitter Digestive. 

The plant prefers rich soil of neutral pH, moist but well-drained in the sun to shade.  Sow in Autumn, winter or very early spring for germination in the spring.  Outdoor nursery bed technique or shade house technique preferred. Seed germinates best in the dark.  Press seed into the surface, cover with 2-3cm compost, tamp securely and keep evenly moist. Transplant when sufficiently robust to survive on the landscape.  Space plants 60cm apart–they get enormous!  Flowers 90-120cm tall.

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