Green Manure – Biofumigation Mix seeds


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Green Manure – Biofumigation Mix seeds

(Untreated, Chemical-Free)

Selection from 100g to 4kg Seeds

 Green Manure – BioFume Mix is a speciality blend mix of radish and mustard. 

  • Effective organic control to manage root-knot nematodes, a menacing pest!
  • Quickly cover the soil
  • Erosion Protection
  • It can act as green manure too 

Biofumigation will significantly reduce the number of root-knot nematodes in the soil. It involves growing green manure of speciality mustard greens & radish and digging it into the soil. Once your regular crop has been cleared, loosen the soil, broadcast the seed over the surface, then rake and water it in, keeping the soil moist so that the seed can germinate quickly. Water regularly. Let the plants mature, then dig them into the soil just before they develop flower stems (so they are still soft and sappy). It would help if you continued to keep the soil moist so that the crop decomposes quickly. As the mustard & radish plants break down, they release isothiocyanates, a natural biofumigant that is toxic to root-knot nematodes. 

If you have ever going trouble with these root-knot nematodes, it is a good idea to consider making biofumigation a regular part of your crop rotation system by using this mixture.


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