Green Manure – Lablab seeds

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Green Manure – Lablab

Lablab Purpureus

Selection from 100g to 4kg Seeds 

Lablab is an annual summer legume that produces high-quality forage & cover crops. It has a protein of 21-28%

Lablab is a tropical plant that is very heat and drought tolerant and adapted to warm regions. Furthermore, is adaptable to various climates and soil condition. A 50g of lablab seeds crop covers approximately 25 sqm. 

How to grow:

Before preparing the soil for sowing, remove any weeds and rack well. Sow the seeds at a rate of 50g for 25 sqm metres into cultivated soil. Sowing depth: 30-50mm

Grow until the plants are approaching flowering, then cut or slash and dig into the soil to decompose


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