Green Manure Mix seeds - Autumn Winter

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Autumn Winter Green Manure Seed Mix (NOT to WA, TAS)

  • 100g - Covers 12sqm
  • 200g - Covers 25sqm
  • 400g - Covers 50sqm
  • 1kg - Covers 125sqm
  • 2kg - Covers 250sqm 

Green manures are fast-growing plants sown to cover bare soil. Often used in the vegetable garden, their foliage smothers weeds and their roots prevent soil erosion, improve soil health, fix nitrogen, and will improve water infiltration. When dug into the ground while still green, they return valuable nutrients to the topsoil and improve soil structure. 

A diverse mix includes Alfalfa, Barley, Brassicas, Broad Bean, Clover Red, Clover White, Corn Salad, Dun Pea, Endive, Fava Bean, Fenugreek, Lupin, Medic, Millet Jap, Millet White, Mustard (bio fumigated to reduce fungi and nematodes), Oats, Purslane, Radish, Rocket, Rye, Vetch, Wheat, seeds to improve soil health and attract pollinators. 

This will enrich the soil with both nitrogen and organic matter. 

Designed for Autumn sowing, but it may be sown anytime early to late autumn.  

Why grow Green Manures? Green manures are a range of seeds that are sown specifically to improve or assist with soil fertility and/or the conditioning of soil. 

Bigger, more prolific crops - Green manures will lift or fix nitrates into your soil providing this essential element for bumper harvests

Soil enhancer - Ensures your soil gets the maximum nutrients required to give you the best crops

Easier digging - Deep rooting green species improves the soil's structure by loosening and aerating the soil

Environmentally friendly - Reduces the need to use chemical fertilisers

Less weeding - The leafy nature of the Green Manure acts as a weed suppressant whilst retaining soil moisture

Pest control - Helps control pests and provides shelter for beneficial insects


Planting your cover crop (Prepare your own Organic Manure):

As a general guide sow autumn; in areas with cold winters in southern Australia, begin sowing in early March and again in early spring; most of northern NSW and Queensland should wait until late April - May before sowing; in frost-free areas, these seeds can be sown right through winter, until early August. 

Gently rake the soil surface, sow a generous amount of cover crop seed on your garden or raised bed soil. No need to disturb the soil with heavy digging or tilling - just simply raking the top 10mm of soil will allow enough space for the cover crop to germinate. 

This is an excellent choice for green manure crops because they can germinate and begin growing in as little as 7 to 10 days. Within a four-week time frame, you can have a thick stock of growing “green” manure” for your soil. 

It is important to let the soil rest a few weeks after turning the cover crop to allow the green manure crop to decompose a bit before throwing in your plants. So get out there and plant a garden-soil energizing cover crop this Autumn-Winter!


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Graham Lovell
Manure Crop

Excellent Germination !

Gabrielle Wagner
Super viable seeds

Very happy - the green manure seeds came up within a couple of days. I ran out and bought some from the big green shed and they were slow and puny by comparison.

Luke Hart
Green manure mix- Autumn winter

Fantastic results, highly recommended. And have Since purchased more seeds from happy Valley ty

Nicole P
Very happy

The seed was delivered to me promptly . I threw it in the ground and watered as per instructions. And “hey presto” up came the growth in no time . So can’t be any happier than that

Merise Luisetto
Green manure mix seeds

The order was filled quickly and received within the delivery time. Very happy customer

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