Hairy Gourd F1 seeds

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Hairy Gourd F1 - 10 Seeds

Other names: haired gourd, fuzzy gourd, fuzzy squash, Mao Gua, Mao Qua, Mokwa, Mo Kwa, Hairy Cucumber, Joined Gourd, Jie Gua, Tsi Chewie, Dong Kiang, Tung Chewie, Tsit Gua, small winter melon. 

This is an early maturing, vigorous F1 hybrid producing small green fruit of 20-22cm in length. The gourds are very delicious in stir-fry and soups. 

Since this is F1 variety, seeds are not suitable for saving. 

Care and Sowing Instructions

Hairy gourd is best grown on support for maximum yields and easy harvesting. The plant is extremely productive in warm climates. Pick young fruit for best flavor.

This is a frost tender plant. Sow direct in spring (after frost) & summer at 25mm deep, 30-45cm apart. Best germination at 18-26°C. The plant prefers full sun. Emerge 10-20 days. Harvest in approximately 8 weeks when gourds are 20cm long.

 A propagation note will be supplied with the seed packet for your convenience.


Customer Reviews

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Sandra Dibbs
Hairy gourds

My hairy gourd seedlings struck very quickly and are now ready for planting out...I just have to build the climbing frames 🤣

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