KOHL RABI Seeds - Assorted 2 Packs


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KOHLRABI Purple & White Vienna - One Packet each - Total 200 HEIRLOOM Seeds

2 Varieties, 2 Separate packets with sowing instructions

You will receive 100+ seeds of each of the following variety in a separate pack along with prorogation notes.

  1. Kohlrabi Purple (100 Seeds) (V-472)
  2. Kohlrabi White Vienna (100 Seeds) (V-473)

This Purple & White Heirloom Kohlrabi variety is easy to grow, and versatile vegetables are often overlooked for the home garden.  Its bulb-like growth develops aboveground, has a distinctive nut-like flavour and tender flesh, which can be cooked, stir-fried or used in salads and dips.

This is a great value purchase of multiple POPULAR Heirloom Kohlrabi varieties.

Propagation notes will be supplied with a seed packet.


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