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KOREAN MINT – 50 Seeds

(Agastache Rugosa) 

Hardy perennial aromatic herb from the meadows and streambeds of East Asia. Tall, upright stems with bluish-purple flower spikes make this an excellent cut flower. The toothed leaves taste like spearmint and licorice and help with digestion when taken as a tea. When mixed with patchouli, it makes a perfume as well as a Chinese medicine known as Huo-xiang. Known as baechohyang or banga in South Korea, this plant is added fresh to stews or in pancakes. 

This is a vital herb in Chinese medicine, used both for its taste in culinary dishes and also for medicinal purposes. A number of chemicals derived from the plant are known to have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and is often used to relieve digestive problems. Great in soups, stews and as a tea. A perennial growing to approx 1m, very hardy, attracts bees. Sow in Spring indoors by surface sowing the tiny seeds on a moistened seed raising tray. Keep moist at all times and under 13-15 degrees C. Germinates within 3 months. Prefers a sunny position Harvest leaves throughout the year as required. 

Propagation notes will be supplied with a seed packet.


Customer Reviews

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Sandra Kennedy

I ordered a mix of seeds from this store, they are a range of in season and out of season seeds/vegetation, but I find ordering fast and out of season for some seeds is important if I want to get them as they sell out fast. All seeds I have ordered and planted, not all as some are for my summer and spring, atm I am in Autumn, all seeds so far have germinated I would say with a 90% ratio. so well done compared to some other groups. this company also sent them out fast, cost of postage means order a few other items, because like a lot of other companies they are stuck with the inflation of postage. Overall, grab them when you can because they do grow, and its hard to get some of these seeds elsewhere.

K Hell

The seeds come in cute little custom packets to the company, the shipping is fast and very happy with everything. Highly recommend!

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