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(Alchemilla mollis)

LADIES MANTLE is a perennial plant. It is grown as an ornamental garden plant and often used as a ground cover. Grows to reach 30 – 45cm in height. Leaves are fuzzy and cupped that hold water droplets after its rains. The flowers are yellow. Flowers late spring-early summer. Low maintenance variety. 

Traditionally it was used for teas and poultices on wounds and easing menstrual pain: excellent shade and cold tolerance. 

Recommended germination method 

Surface sow on pre-moistened, premium seed raising mix in a seedling tray, moisten, cover with cling wrap (with a few holes poked in it) and place in the fridge for 2-3 weeks before removing to a temperature of 20-25 degrees C. Keep out of direct sunlight until germinated. Keep moist at all times with a misting gun to avoid disturbing the seeds.

You can also place the whole packet in the fridge for 4 weeks before planting out or plant in winter and allow the naturally cool temperatures to stratify the seeds; they will then emerge in Spring - these methods will work, but the first method gives the best results. 

Seedlings emerge 4-5 weeks after cold scarification. 

Propagation notes will be supplied with a seed packet


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