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Assorted LETTUCE Varieties - 10 Packs - 1500+ Seeds

10 Varieties, 10 Separate packets with sowing instructions

This is a great value purchase of multiple POPULAR Heirloom LETTUCE varieties.
You will receive 100+ seeds of each of the following variety in a separate pack along with prorogation notes.

  1. (V-481) LETTUCE Australian Yellow (150 Seeds)
  2. (V-483) LETTUCE Buttercrunch (150 Seeds)
  3. (V-486) LETTUCE Great Lakes (150 Seeds)
  4. (V-488) LETTUCE Little Gem (Mini Cos) (150 Seeds)
  5. (V-489) LETTUCE Lolla Rossa (150 Seeds)
  6. (V-490) LETTUCE Marvel of Four Seasons (150 Seeds)
  7. (V-493) LETTUCE Oakleaf Green (150 Seeds)
  8. (V-496) LETTUCE Parris Island Cos Green (150 Seeds)
  9. (V-498) LETTUCE Ruby Red (150 Seeds)
  10. (V-501) LETTUCE Salad Bowl Red (150 Seeds)

They are both beautiful and tasty and makes a nice addition to salad blends when the leaves are young.

Care & Sowing Instructions
Sow approx. 5mm deep direct or in punnets throughout the year, except during extreme hot or cold days or other types of extreme weather. The prefers FULL SUN position, however, partial shade could greatly extend the lettuce growing season, especially in Summer.

The plant emerges in 2-10 days depending upon weather and growing conditions.

Harvest baby leaves in 28 days and full size in 50-70 days.

Keep moist during dry weather. Don’t pull the entire plant; keep harvesting leaves to encourage further tender growth.

Protect from the heat with shade cloth. Likes fertile soil and ample water. Best when picked minutes before your meal.

Sprouting Lettuce Seed in Warm Weather
In warmer temperatures, imbibing or soaking the seeds in water for at least 16 hours before planting in a well-lit area will increase the germination percentages greatly. Red light has been found to be the best colour, but many home gardeners won’t have access to a non-heating red light and sunlight or full-spectrum light was found to be almost as good. Soaking the seeds in the dark in warmer conditions decreased their germination rates.

Another technique that has shown to be successful is to soak the seeds in cool water in a well-lit area for 16 – 24 hours. This approach has increased the germination rate up to 97% when planted in warmer conditions. Soaking for less than 16 hours has little to no positive effect on germination.

Other successful methods of extending the season for lettuce in the garden include laying a thick mulch of straw or wood chips on the ground of at least 4-6 cm. This insulates the soil from becoming too hot and drying out too fast and helps to preserve moisture in the soil.

Shading the lettuce plants can give enough of a temperature drop to keep them from bolting, sometimes up to 3 – 5 weeks. Shade can be from a shade cloth on a row cover or hoop type structure or companion planting of tall wide leafed plants such as some types of pumpkin.

The traditional rule of thumb of “plant early and the plant often” for lettuce can also be said as “plant late and the plant often”, but some of the more heat-tolerant varieties, along with soaking in the light and providing some mulch and shade can greatly extend your lettuce season in the garden this year.

A propagation note will be supplied with the seed packet for your convenience.


Customer Reviews

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Anne Golsby-Smith
Thanks for the seeds

I have planted out a few varieties of your lettuce seeds, and they all popped up last week, and are now little seedlings growing happily, and will be ready to make the step into the veggie patch very shortly. Thanks for the exciting variety, packed very nicely with good instructions on how deep they should be planted etc. I am a novice at this, but you have made it easy.

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