LINARIA - Fairy Bouquet Mix (Toadflax) seeds

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TOADFLAX Linaria Fairy Bouquet Mix – 500 Seeds

(Snapdragon - Moroccan Toad Flax)

(Linaria maroccano) 

Toadflax seeds can be started indoors or outdoors in spring.  Also called Baby Snapdragon, Fairy Snapdragon, and Moroccan Toadflax. 

Linaria Maroccana produces tiny, delicate flowers with long spurs that glisten from short spikes. Snapdragon flowers come in a multitude of colours ranging from yellow, red and pink to white or purple, and they bloom from spring to fall in cool summer climates, but in hot climates, the plant usually stops blooming in the heat of summer. 

Spurred Snapdragon Toadflax is truly spectacular when heavily seeded in an isolated area. The plant is good in beds, borders, meadows or cottage gardens and also can be grown in containers, baskets and window boxes. 

Linaria Maroccana Fairy Bouquet seeds produce a hardy annual grown in full sun or partial shade. Moroccan Toad Flax is good for the butterfly garden, and its flowers may also attract hummingbirds. Baby Snapdragon is good as a cut flower for small bouquets.


Sowing Instructions 

In cool areas Sp-Au, Warmer areas- Au-Sp. Prefer sunny position, sow on surface or 1-2mm deep, emerge 10 -14 days. Flowers in 10 weeks after sowing.


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