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LOVAGE - 30 Seeds

(Levisticum officinale)

Lovage is a perennial from southern Europe where it can grow up to 2m. It resembles tall celery with multiple branches with thin hollow stems and stout, fleshy roots. The yellow flowers are borne in umbels above the foliage and are followed by brown seeds. 

Lovage is sometimes known as Maggie plant, the leaves giving a celery-like flavour to soups and stews. The flavour is richer and fuller than celery. It can be used in almost any dish celery or parsley would be used. However, it has a much stronger taste than celery, so it should be used sparingly. Add lovage to green salads, potato dishes, and salad dressings; the stems can be rubbed over the inside of the salad bowl for a subtle flavour. Dried and blended with other dried herbs, it makes an excellent salt substitute. 

Lovage can be used in digestive difficulties, such as colic, indigestion and flatulence. A tea induces sweating and is used as a diuretic and water retention. A strong tea can be added to the bathwater for a body deodorant, or to remove odours from the hands, rub them in a cooled lovage tea. 

Propagation notes will be supplied with a seed packet.


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