Manuka Honey Tea Tree seeds


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Manuka Honey Tea Tree - 200 Seeds

Leptospermum scoparium

Manuka Honey Tea Tree is common in New Zealand; this is a compact, evergreen, very twiggy, rounded bush with aromatic leaves (when crushed), often silver-hairy when young, and bearing a profusion of white or pink-tinged flowers in late summer & early summer.

Attractive to bees, they give way to small woody capsules containing tiny seeds that hang on for a long time after the petals drop. Native to Australia and New Zealand, this shrub adds ornamental appeal to the landscape year-round. 

As will be gathered from its common name, the fresh, pungent leaves make a very agreeable tea. It grows up to 2.4m and 180-300cm wide. 

Virtually disease and pest free. Great for beds and borders, coastal gardens, Mediterranean gardens, gravel and rock gardens or containers 

A propagation note will be supplied with the seed packet for your convenience.


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