Moldavian Dragonhead seeds

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Moldavian Dragonhead – 20 Seeds

A fragrant tea plant with large, violet-blue flowers. Dragonhead has a pronounced, lemony fragrance similar to lemon balm. The flowering herb can be used for refreshments and desserts. The flowers are long-lasting, bright purple, proportionally large to the plant, and shaped outrageously like the toothed head of a dragon. This is a superior tea herb that can be started by direct seeding in the garden. Easy germination, fast growth, and minty tasty leaves typify this old-time plant.  

Traditional usage (TWM): the common cold.  

The plant prefers full sun to part shade, water, average soil. It is always a great joy to grow this plant.


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Christopher Malone

Hi guys and thanks for the quick return of my order, unfortunately here in the west it has been too hot and the soil drying far too quickly for seeds , I will have to wait until the weather turns for the better.

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