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Mustard Gai Choi (Swatow Mustard) - 100+ Heirloom Seeds

 Also known as Chinese mustard, Swatow mustard greens, Mustard cabbage, Indian mustard.

Mustard Gai Choi is a fast-growing leafy green, produces a curled head. It is excellent for baby leaves, stir fry and salads. This plant is cold hardy and perfect for cool-season home vegetable gardens.

Gai Choy is one member of the diverse mustard family. Mustards are thought to have originated around the Central Himalayas but are now grown in all parts of Asia. They were originally used for their seeds, which could be used as a spice or pressed to extract oil, and many varieties are still grown for this purpose.

Gai Choy is extremely variable in appearance - the leaves can be more or less crinkled, the thick ribs and veins more or less prominent, and colour ranges from bright to dark green. A purple-leafed variety is often sold for use in home gardens and is quite ornamental.

Gai Choy prefers warm, humid conditions and can grow extremely vigorously. There is interest in using seed-producing varieties of Brassica juncea to make biodiesel.  Gai Choy can also be grown as a green manure crop, as a soil fumigation treatment or even to help remove heavy metals from soil (although these plants are obviously not suitable for human consumption).


Propagation notes will be supplied with seed packet.


Customer Reviews

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Duc Huynh

Mustard is seeding and ok now

Ronald Whiteroad
MUSTARD-Gai Choy seeds.

I confess that I only planted Gai Choy seeds 2 weeks ago and they have reached the baby stage so far which is all that I can report at this stage. However, if it the vegetable per se that you are referring to, I can report that I grew Gai Choy years ago when I knew it only as Swatoh Mustard Lettuce, and have been seeking it out since. I regard it as the sweetest tasting of the Mustards I have savoured to date. I can understand why the word lettuce was attached in the past. I will report in due course whether my recollections hold true.

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