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Nasturtium Alaska Mixed – 10 Seeds

Tropaeolum Nanum

Nasturtium Alaska Mixed is an Heirloom variety with a bounty of pretty, peppery, gold, orange, salmon, mahogany flowers and tender young leaves that please the eye and palate. 

The plants are compact with attractive variegated foliage that produce blooms of sparkling colour. It adds sparkle and peppery pizzazz to salads. 

Kids enjoy planting the great big seeds of Nasturtium. It will thrive in poor soils, heat, and cold. Try it in baskets, containers, and shady borders. Also known as garden nasturtium and Indian cress. 

Sowing Instructions 

Soaking your Nasturtium seeds overnight (about 12 hours) aid seedlings to break through the tough outer shell.

Sow in Spring& Summer 12mm deep in a seed tray, Need 18-25°C. Water with a spray bottle, Germinates in 2-3 weeks. 30 cm apart. Flowers throughout summer


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