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Nasturtium Yeti Cream – 8 to10 Seeds

Tropaeolum lobbianum 

While most Nasturtium gardeners are acquainted with this pretty plant’s fondness to spread, even expanding into short vines, few are familiar with a proper climber, like Nasturtium Yeti. The climbing vines of this creamy white Nasturtium can reach up to 2meter in length. 

Sowing Instructions 

Soaking your Nasturtium seeds overnight (about 12 hours) aids seedlings to break through the tough outer shell.

Sow in Spring& Summer 12mm deep in a seed tray, Need 18-25°C. Water with a spray bottle, Germinates in 2-3 weeks. 30 cm apart. Flowers throughout summer


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Good so far! About 50% germination rate.

Sowed in three different locations. My package contained 8 seeds (not 10 as the listing states). 5 of the 8 seeds have come out. They're still very little so not sure how they'll turn out and they don't have flowers yet. Can't wait till the do though!

Erica Majdandzic
Great product

Easy to grow seeds with an excellent germination rate. Yet to bloom but are growing beautifully

jennifer keating
Hanging basket delight

Easy to grow seeds in hanging baskets. Should make a lovely display in a few weeks. I will be able to harvest my own seeds from flowers which is an added bonus.

Vicki Harvey
Yeti cream

Great seeds, excellent quality and germination success. Very quick postage, cheap prices and reliable communication. Would definitely order from them again!

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