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OKRA Heirloom Mix - 15+ Seeds

Okra is one of the prettiest vegetables you can grow. It is essential for gumbos and stews and many Asian and Indian dishes. 

This Heirloom Okra Mix offers a variety of Okras, including Clemson Spineless, Red Burgundy and Emerald – all of these varieties are very popular summer vegetables. 

The seeds of all these Okra varieties have been RANDOMLY MIXED in ONE SINGLE packet

Okra is a warm-weather crop, needing both the soil and the nights to be warm before its vigorous growth. Plants begin bearing when about a feet tall and will continue until frost if kept picked. For best flavour, harvest the fruit at 10-15cm long. 

Propagation notes will be supplied with a seed packet.


Customer Reviews

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Sandi Patto
Best seeds in Australia

Seeds perfect up already, Chinese brocolli, spring onions, and watermelon radish. Great service and prompt delivery. Thanks😁

Greta Gillies
Great seeds

the seeds are great- great viability and affordable. The only thing I would change is how you put the writing on the packets. The ink printed straight onto the white packets often rubs off after several uses. If this is not something that can be cheaply/ easily fixed by Happy Valley Seeds, I'd urge buyers to write on packets the seed names with permanent markers themselves.

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