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Okra Hill Country Red - 10 Seeds

Heirloom & Open-Pollinated 

Okra Hill Country Road is a stunning Okra variety that produces short but plump pods with a striking burgundy tip and green pod. The flavour is crisp and highly tender when blanched and boiled. It does taste great when fried! Okra is a warmth-loving tropical annual plant.   

These okra plants reach up to 1.8 m tall and produce okra in abundance. Harvest the pods when 5-7cm long -  they are most tender and flavourful at this stage. Days to harvest: 60 - 70.

Okra is a warm-weather crop, needing both the soil and the nights to be warm before its vigorous growth. Plants begin bearing when about a foot tall and will continue until frost if kept picked. For best flavour, harvest the fruit at 10-15cm long. 

Propagation notes will be supplied with a seed packet.


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Suchitra Chellappa

I’m still waiting for it to germinate . Will inform once they grow up

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