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Pea Shelling (Podding) Willow (NOT to TAS)

(NON-GMO, Open-Pollinated, Treated*)

Selection from standard packet (25 seeds), 100g, 400g & 1kg

Willow is our latest variety of shelling peas. 

It is a medium-sized plant that grows to 75cm tall and produces a large amount of pods and the advantage of being powdery mildew tolerant. 

The Willow pods wrap tightly around the seeds inside. The pods are long and dark green and look different from the Massey Gem/Melbourne Market type pods. 

Willow can be grown either on the ground or on a trellis to maximise the yield! 

Willow is highly recommended for professional as well as home growers. 

Propagation notes will be supplied with a seed packet.


*Important Note 

These seeds are treated with a fungicide (Thiram), DO NOT eat the seeds or feed them to animals. Keep them away from children & animals. Wear gloves and thoroughly wash skin with water & soap after touching the seeds. Treated seeds do not affect your crops or harm insects such as bees. These treated seeds are strictly for propagation or growing in the garden only. THE RESULTANT CROP IS EDIBLE. 

Fungicide seed treatment may be an AQIS (Biosecurity, Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, Government of Australia) requirement for certain seeds varieties. Treated seeds may be dyed a distinct colour. Read the label on the seed packet before usage.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Isabella M
Love your products!

Seeds came quickly, everything is well and easily packaged, easy to read growing conditions on packets. Will be buying again!

Wendy S.
Excellent in Powdery Mildew area

I am in Perth NOR. Willow has been wonderful even as I am having PM issues. Strong growth and lots of pods.

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