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PUMPKIN Musquee De Provence - 7 HEIRLOOM Seeds

The large, deeply ribbed fruit stay mostly green at harvest time but ripen to tan-orange after a short time in storage. The thick flesh is a vibrant orange, thick, very fine flavoured and very sweet, reminiscent of melon. Amazing pureed in pies and soups. 

These gorgeous, big flat pumpkins are shaped like a big wheel of cheese. This is a traditional variety from southern France and makes a great variety for autumn markets. 

On average each vine will produce up to 4 fruit weighing 3-6kg. Large fruits weighing up to 20kg are not uncommon if thinned just one. With long keeping qualities, a few of these will keep you well-fed over the winter months! 

Also known as a Fairytale Pumpkin. 120 days till maturity.


Care: Sow seeds outdoors as soon as the danger of frost has passed in your area. Cover seed lightly with soil, 2 - 3 seeds together in groups. Space giants at least 3 m apart. For earlier Pumpkins start indoors 2 to 3 weeks in advance of the intended date for moving the plants to the garden. Use Jiffy pots so the container and roots can be buried without disturbing the root system. Also, make sure the pot is wet when transplanting. Sow 2 seeds per pot and do not thin. Germinates best at 22 degrees C in 7 to 10 days. Pumpkins are ripe once the stem has reached a dark green colour and is starting to wither. Ample water is needed for optimum size! 

Harvest pumpkins before the first autumn frost, and when the foliage has begun to dry out. Cut the stem with a knife, leaving 7-10cm of stem on the pumpkin. Do not hold the pumpkin by the stem; if stem attachment gets broken, or any part of the pumpkin bruises, the pumpkin may rot. Do not allow harvested fruit to get wet. 

A propagation note will be supplied with the seed packet for your convenience. 


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