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Red Tulip Poppy – 480 Seeds

(Papaver Glaucum)

A fantastic and inspiring variety of Papaver Glaucum, Red Tulip poppies are a specimen that offers the gardener and poppy enthusiast something a little different. With amazing large blooms, deep red with large black spots at the petal bases, this is one of the rarer poppies and amazing addition to any collection. Growing up to 75cm tall, Red Tulip is an amazing poppy with a slight difference. Unlike most varieties that open their flowers so that their petals fall horizontally, Red Tulip maintains its flowers in an upright position. Adding something special to the garden, this is a fantastic talking point and interesting variety to include in a range of garden palettes. With an annual characteristic, Papaver Glaucum will flower throughout the season and produce seeds that can be collected and stored. This packet of tiny poppy seeds is best sown in the fall or early spring and will ensure that this rare poppy can grace and uplift any garden setting.


Customer Reviews

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Julie E Kirk
Red Tulip Poppy Seeds💕

Divided a large tray sowing Red Tulip one end and Shirley Poppy Mix the other end and placed the tray under lights inside a little indoor plant space. I have enjoyed looking after the abundance of wee green seedlings that came up for me. Yesterday, I began to plant them out into Punnets, labelling the dived sides...128 so far. I have prepared another divided tray knowing I will have that amount, if not more to transplant into the awaiting tray. They are super healthy...I am elated. Many of the punnets will become gifts, the thought of sharing them a happy one. Love Happy Valley Seeds...Thanks for great the Quality and reliable growth rate.

Anny Beresford

Seeds arrived quickly, I’m so looking forward to the actual poppies. Thanks

Jo Murphy

Looking forward to buying more. You guys rock all my seeds I recently purchased are growing beautifully 🥰

Kathryn Brewer

Can’t do a review until they come up or not.
All of the seeds came - so tiny and I am sure I lost lots!

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