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SAGE - 15 Seeds

(Salvia officinalis)

There are several common garden sage varieties, Salvia officinalis or Sage, which can be used in cooking. It is a grey-green shrubby perennial plant with oval leaves and mauve flowers—a culinary SAGE herb used for flavouring meats, omelettes, cheese and bean dishes. Also used in tea. The plant grows to a height of 30 - 60cm. 

Common garden sage has a long history of culinary use. It is best used fresh as whole leaves or ground up, but they can be dried very quickly. 

Common garden sage is an extremely potent herb and has a broad range of medicinal uses. Women have used sage for menstrual problems during menopause, to dry up milk flow when nursing is to cease (not for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding). Sage may also be used to aid digestive and gastric problems, including heartburn. There is growing evidence for the usefulness of sage for memory problems, and there may be some benefit for depression. Sage is also anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory and has benefits when used topically for cold sores and as a gargle for other mouth problems. 

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