SHISO - Japanese Red (Perilla) seeds

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(Perilla frutescens) 

Long popular in Japanese cuisine, the beautiful, frilly, deep purple young leaves are added to salads, used to wrap sushi, and served with sashimi. Regarded as an indispensable condiment for its unique vibrant flavours, described by some as slightly gingery and by others as a blend of mint and licorice. Has strong flavours and aromas of spearmint, basil, anise, and cinnamon. Slicing it into strips accentuates these flavours. Chopped shiso buds are especially gorgeous and delicious, making a simple yet striking garnish. The seeds are an essential part of the famous seven spices of Japan, originating over 300 years ago in Kyoto.

It is worth noting that Perilla is a very attractive plant often grown simply for its ornamental value. Both green and red varieties resemble a coleus plant. This attractive herb is an excellent addition to a herb garden or can be used as an ornamental in containers or on the border. It has a pleasant odour and is easy to grow. The flowers are attractive to bees and butterflies and the foliage will last all through summer and into autumn. This plant is annual reach up-to 80cm in height. 

How to Grow

Sow in Spring and Summer, Sow 2mm or just barely cover with soil as seeds need light to germinate at 20-22 degrees C. You would see that seedlings emerge in 7-30 days depending upon weather conditions. For best germination, you are recommended to chill seeds in the refrigerator (not in the freezer) for 3 days in moist sand/ friable soil medium and then soak seed overnight in warm water. 

Propagation notes will be supplied with a seed packet.

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