Soapwort seeds

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Soapwort - 50 Seeds

Saponaria officinalis

Soapwort is a hardy perennial, growing from 60cm up to 1 meter tall with a 1-meter spread. It may be used as a larger ground cover when multiple plants are used since it grows quite vigorously. The stems are unbranched and hold the dark green, lance-shaped leaves of 5-12 cm long. The flowers may be pink or white, and they bloom for a long period, from late summer to autumn. Each flower has 5 petals, and they are held in loose terminal clusters on tall stalks. The flowers have a spicy clove fragrance which is said to be stronger at night. They are self-fertile and are either self-pollinating or pollinated by moths. Soapwort is an excellent plant for butterflies and moths. 

Propagation notes will be supplied with a seed packet.


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