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SPINACH Egyptian - 30 HEIRLOOM Seeds (NOT to WA)

(Corchorus olitorius) 

It’s a fast-growing vegetable. 

This "food of kings" dates back to the time of the pharaohs, when an Egyptian king drank it in soup to recover from an illness. Modern Egyptians also use Molokhia to make a soup prepared since ancient times and is considered to be extremely nutritious. 

Warm-season annual/perennial

Jute, Egyptian Spinach Also known as, Molokhia , Malu Khia, Melokheya, Meloukia, Salad Mallow, Jew's mallow, West African sorrel!

Asian names for this vegetable...

India: koshta

Japan: tororo no

Philippines: saluyot

Thailand: po krachao

Vietnam: rau day 

A very hardy, fast-growing annual. The young leaves used in salad, older leaves and the shoot tips cooked like spinach and are high in protein. It self-sows readily. Sow spring and summer. Suitable for subtropical and tropical areas. 

The seed is naturally green in colour and is NOT treated. Start seeds in flats or direct sow fairly heavily and thin. This is hot weather loving green. Plant out after the danger of frost is past and the soil is getting warm. Does best in good soil for rapid growth, so continue to give compost or nutrients throughout the season. Likes full sun, warm to hot weather and steady moisture - mulch will help keep the soil moist. Cut tender top leaves continuously or harvest whole plant and succession-sow.


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penny eamer
eygyptian spinage.

Re eygyptian spinage or malu khai ? spelling? I have been growing it for years ... handles hot dry weather well. any plant that handles summer where I live is great!

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