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(Basella Alba Rubra)

Malabar spinach has many names Phooi leaf, Red Vine Spinach, Creeping spinach, Climbing spinach, Indian spinach, Alugbati, Vietnamese Spinach, and Ceylon spinach. 

Spinach Ceylon Red is HIGH in blood-building chlorophyll and rich in mucilage soothing to the digestive tract and helps remove mucous and toxins. 

This lush vine grows best in tropical and subtropical climates and can reach up to 4m. It has reddish-purple stems, glossy dark green leaves and grows more rapidly than the green stem variety. The leaves are used like spinach. In cooler areas, it will not over-winter but will produce a good harvest as an annual. Also grown as an ornamental. 

It is a tender perennial dying back in winter in cold areas. The tips can be tossed with garlic and olive oil in a hot pan for a minute. Ceylon spinach should only be cooked lightly. The berries produce a red dye and can be used to colour desserts, jelly and pastry.  

Ceylon spinach is very good for you; it contains vitamins A, B & C, iron and calcium. 

Propagation notes will be supplied with a seed packet.


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