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Warrigal Greens/New Zealand Spinach - 20 Heirloom Seeds

(Tetragonia tetragonioides)

This widely distributed Warrigal Greens (Spinach) and Warrigal Cabbage, which are Australian names, has many common names, depending on their location. In addition to the name New Zealand spinach, it is also known as Botany Bay spinach, Cook's cabbage, kōkihi (in Māori), sea spinach, and tetragon. 

It is grown for edible leaves and can be used as food or as an ornamental plant for ground cover. As some of its names signify, it has similar flavour and texture properties to spinach and is cooked like spinach. Like spinach, it contains oxalates; its medium to low levels of oxalates need to be removed by blanching the leaves in hot water for one minute, then rinsing in cold water before cooking. It thrives in hot weather and is considered an heirloom vegetable. Rarely a few insects consume it, and even slugs and snails do not seem to feed on it. 

The thick, irregularly-shaped seeds should be planted just after the last spring frost. Before planting, the seeds should be soaked for 12 hours in cold water, or 3 hours in warm water. Seeds should be planted 5–10 mm deep and spaced 15–30 cm apart. The seedlings will emerge in 10–20 days, and it will continue to produce greens through the summer. A mature plant will self-seed. 

Warrigal Greens is a good hot weather spinach substitute. Arrow shaped leaves thicker than spinach. Very robust ground cover. Grown as a perennial in warmer climates but is typically grown as an annual. Needs cooking to remove oxalates. This can be picked over a long period. Regular trimming encourages lush growth.  The plant grows to a height of 60 - 90cm.

Propagation notes will be supplied with a seed packet.


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